The Unmatchable Magic of World Domination Summit

So I just got back from World Domination Summit 2015. If you ever want to experience more magic than a herd of flying unicorns, this is the place for you. Seriously, I know of way to describe my experience there other than telling you it was pure, concentrated, carcinogen-free magic.

In case you were wondering, WDS is yearly gathering of the most amazing people on the planet in Portland, Oregon. I’ve learned that successfully explaining WDS is basically impossible, so instead I’ll just tell you a few things I’ve learned this weekend. (Check out the WDS website to learn more.) Here goes.


Baby steps are the surest way to make progress.

Derek Sivers gave an excellent closing talk detailing a bit of his story. One of the big ideas he put forth was that baby steps are the surest way forward. His journey with CDBaby was one of fitful, small steps, most of which were the result of his response to things that happened to him, not the execution of an intensely orchestrated plan that we tend to learn towards thinking business is.

In listening to the stories of the many amazing, interesting people at WDS, I found a similar thread running through all of their stories. Everybody who was doing meaningful, interesting work and leading awesome lives didn’t get there overnight or by sheer cunning, Their journeys are full of much more meandering than they appear to have on the surface. The way to live the life you want is to embody this mindset: consistently trying little things, and to dive into the things that people really love.


Connection with other human beings is amazing.

One of the most striking characteristics of WDS was how ridiculously loving the atmosphere felt. Everybody was positive and trying to help each other out. There was this contagious attitude of support and solidarity around the event. I met so many strangers who instantly became friends. At the closing party, I even had an extremely intense connection with a girl I ended up dancing with. We shouted a few words at each other, but there wasn’t really any conversation, just the connection. I’ve never experienced that before.

This overflowing of love that everybody seemed to have is something I want to bring home with me. Love is a multiplicative, giving force. If I love more, I find myself capable of loving more, feel more loved by those around me, and see them loving more as well.


Create, create, create.

This one was one of those things that, like the connections I just mentioned, was never really said but was just this intense, pervasive attitude of the people there. Everyone was working on something, and the interesting conversations were always about what people were working on, what they were making. Nobody’s impressed by my ability to read 10 inspirational blog posts a day.

This runs in line with the the idea of doing a bunch of little things. Moving forward, I’m going to run with my creativity and let it fly. I’m focusing on making and doing a bunch of little projects. It makes for a better life, and seriously increases my chances that one of them will resonate with people.


Write, Motherf****r, Write

Basically everyone who attended had a blog in some form or another. Some of them were making money from them. Most weren’t. Instead, I think most people use their blogs as a way to work out their thoughts, tell the crazy stories we all have, and share the weird life experiments we’re all so fond of running.

And thus, I’m inspired to write more. I’ve had a lot of feelings of inadequacy, like I needed to be at the top of my game to share anything. But I learned that that is just not the case. We all have things to say, especially the amazing group of people that make up WDS. And the world needs to hear those things. It’s people that wrote down and shared what was in their head that, just a couple of years ago, caused me to start thinking about how to live a remarkable life. It’s those people that, as they refined their thoughts and their followings grew, created WDS. And it’s the people they inspired that are inspiring me now.

And finally,



And when in doubt, bring everyone up on stage with you. Kid President showed up earlier in the weekend and reminded us all to make the world more awesome. There was also one hell of a closing party. Basically, I was reminded we should all be having way more fun, because being boring sucks.

World Domination Summit was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. To all the people who haven’t gone, you should definitely go. (But wait until I buy my ticket, so I can go. 🙂 ) And to all of those people I met at WDS, thanks for being so freaking cool. Everybody else, check out their blogs and businesses and be amazed at where they’ll be in 2 years.

If I missed of you guys, let me know!