Fun is Underrated

Fun is underrated. I tend to treat it as something that I like having, but isn’t that “useful” otherwise.

Story time: A couple of days ago, I was having a low day, as evidenced by my last post. But rather than lay in bed and do nothing, I chose to do something that sounded fun at the time: attempting to make Yorkshire Pudding. (I’ve been learning to cook. It turned out a bit salty.)

Within an hour, my emotional state had improved greatly and I accomplished a lot more that night than I otherwise would have. Perhaps fun is a good gauge of how to spend your time.

Weighted Down

I am being weighted down by a feeling of melancholy.

I wish to read books and play video games. I want to soak in the stories and worlds of others, because I’m not seeing much in mine today. I will ride this slide into escapism until I’ve got good reason to leave these imaginary worlds I inhabit.

Today, I wish to lead someone else’s life.

Tomorrow, that will change. I’ve been in this state before. I’ll ride this out, take my vitamin D, remember how interesting the outside world is, and return.

But that is tomorrow. Today, I’d rather be someone else.


Naming a blog feels a lot like naming a band. (Well, it’s what I’d imagine naming a band feels like. I’ve never been in a band…) You take a lot of vague concepts and throw them together. You’re never quite satisfied with any of them, but you need to make a choice, so you go with whatever is the least vomit-inducing.

It’s time for me to rename my blog. The name, Dream Big and Make Things, doesn’t really pertain to what I want to say anymore. Also, it’s stupidly vague, which makes me want to vomit every time I see it.

100 Words

I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while. (Is there any sentence more cliche than that when it comes to the start of writing projects?) So inspired by David Kadavy to set the bar incredibly low, here I am.

100 words is basically nothing. With 100 words you can say basically nothing. Or, with some skill, you could enumerate one concept quite clearly. I’m interested to see which one happens more often.

Oh right, I’m going to write 100 words a day so that I get in the habit of writing regularly. And with that, I’ve met my quota.