100 Words

I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while. (Is there any sentence more cliche than that when it comes to the start of writing projects?) So inspired by David Kadavy to set the bar incredibly low, here I am.

100 words is basically nothing. With 100 words you can say basically nothing. Or, with some skill, you could enumerate one concept quite clearly. I’m interested to see which one happens more often.

Oh right, I’m going to write 100 words a day so that I get in the habit of writing regularly. And with that, I’ve met my quota.

  • Beth Ewing

    I love this. Seriously cheering you on with your project from the East Coast

    • RJ Hallsted

      Thanks a lot Beth. And good to hear from you!

      • Beth Ewing


  • Alanaktion

    I feel like I should try something like this. My blog has become far too much of a general Linux/code reference, which is never really what I intended it to be…
    Apart from my pizza blog of course. That one’s full of pizza.

    • RJ Hallsted

      Hell yeah! (Keep the pizza of course)